HARMONY 783 Featured in News Press Now for Innovative Grounding Footwear and Groundworks™ Technology

HARMONY 783 Featured in News Press Now for Innovative Grounding Footwear and Groundworks™ Technology

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Originally published: NewsPressNow.com

With shoes already a multi-billion dollar industry, many wonder whether another footwear company would dare enter the market with all of the juggernauts in sight.

Of course, if a new company tried testing the waters, it likely would need a new and innovative product that separates itself from the rest. One local entrepreneur knows that shoes and sneakers are part of people’s everyday lives, so why not make some that are stylish while also utilizing the natural, electron-absorbing source the human body is?

Sharon Whiteley of Harmony783 explored the concept of “grounding” for quite some time and how the therapeutic technique, also known earthing, could be implemented into a shoe.

“What better way to get grounded except through your feet, which is the highest point of entry and sensitivity to your body?” Whiteley said.

Harmony783 has stood behind the studies done on the concept of grounding. More than 20 research projects have been conducted saying that direct connections to the earth have shown to have more positive effects on the human body.

“We appreciate technology. We know there’s technology behind Geox. We know there’s technology behind Nike Air,” Whiteley said. “We actually did an IRB (institutional review board), it was a pilot study. Our researchers on our site proved the efficacy of grounded footwear.”

The company has been operating for the better part of two years but officially launched their products in the beginning of January, selling men’s and women’s merchandise.

The shoes currently use a patent-pending technology called “Groundworks” which includes 99.99% pure silver throughout the midsole and would enable the flow of natural energy to enter the body.

The company only exclusively sells footwear on its site, harmony783.com, at the moment, but Whiteley said they already have begun exploring the implementation of grounding technology with socks.