Book: Barefoot Wisdom

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Barefoot Wisdom is designed to give you the inside (and outside) dirt on getting grounded, sharing in an easy to read narrative, the how’s, whys and ways to get centered and reconnect with a naturally healing energy resource that’s freely available to everyone, every day, everywhere. It’s documented with engaging real-life stories and science in easy to digest, accessible words. It also features interviews with doctors and medical professionals who wholeheartedly engage in the healing power of grounding. It’s a straightforward go-to resource as well and doubles as a primer that serves, we hope, as a thoughtful gift, too.

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The Benefits of Grounding

Pain Relief

Any pain, wound, or inflammatory response heals very differently (and much faster) when the body is electrically grounded.

Better Sleep & Mood

Grounding regulates cortisol (a stress hormone) and thus enhances sleep & reduces anxiety.

Better Blood Flow

Electrical harmony means our red blood cells have more room to circulate (less clumping), and our body can move and recover better.


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