Barefoot Wisdom is designed to give you the inside (and outside) dirt on getting grounded, sharing in an easy to read narrative, the how’s, whys and ways to get centered and reconnect with a naturally healing energy resource that’s freely available to everyone, every day, everywhere. It’s documented with engaging real-life stories and science in easy to digest, accessible words. It also features interviews with doctors and medical professionals who wholeheartedly engage in the healing power of grounding. It’s a straightforward go-to resource as well and doubles as a primer that serves, we hope, as a thoughtful gift, too.
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Acknowledged by many health & wellness advocates, and passionate aficionados, getting grounded is one of the best and easiest ways to de-stress, increase vitality and reduce the inflammation that’s behind a host of not only conditions but also chronic ailments prevalent today. Barefoot Wisdom was written by Sharon Whiteley, Co-founder of HARMONY783 along with Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson a family physician, and also Director of the Fellows program for the Center of Integrative Medicine and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona.


Barefoot Wisdom, Better Health Through Grounding


Dave Asprey shares in Barefoot Wisdom: Better Health through Grounding, authored by Sharon Whiteley, CEO & co-Founder of HARMONY783, about how he discovered that grounding was also a key factor to putting one’s body back in balance. 

After deplaning from a flight he reported - “ It was incredible. I did not experience the negative effects of jet lag at all”. 

- Dave Asprey


“Barefoot Wisdom is chock full of real-life experiences and remarkable individual case studies. I loved reading this book. Trust me, Nature heals, and grounding is the most basic and primitive way to get your life back!”

Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra
Co-author of Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! 

Author of Optimum Health – A Natural Lifesaving Prescription for Your Body and Mind


“This engaging, essentials guide connects you with Earth’s finest natural health resource, highly recommended”

Michael J. Gelb

Author ofHow to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci and The Art of Connection


“This book absolutely nails it. I am so grateful to have this resource to guide my patients through the healing practice of grounding… If there was one definite how-to guide that I wish I would put in the hands of every single patient I treat, this would be it! Clear, uplifting, healing information that shows just how simple and beautiful it can be to use the earth as the ultimate healer!”

Laura Koniver, MD

Author of From the Ground Up


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