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These boots are made for GROUNDING!

Our stylish ankle-high-top combines the look of a sporty lace-up boot and classic tennis shoe, all-in-one. It’s one-of-a-kind, especially because you can stay grounded while wearing them outdoors! They are available in two styles: silky black suede and a rich full-grain white leather. Our Groundworks™ technology allows you to receive beneficial energy from the earth, keeping you grounded throughout your day.

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Groundworks™ Proprietary Technology

All Ankle Boots feature fully conductive carbon and rubber outsoles that are bio-mechanically engineered for comfort and support. Our patent pending technology, called Groundworks™, features 99.99% pure silver through the midsoles with microfiber footbeds, featured in every shoe, stitched with pure silver thread enabling the flow of natural energy up into one’s body. Bio-friendly algae-based EVA by BLOOM in midsole.

Patent pending, proprietary Groundworks™ technology
Pure silver stitched footbed for conductivity
Silver stitched lasting board layer
99% pure silver fabric loop to enable conductive flow
Bio-friendly algae-based EVA by BLOOM in midsole.
Carbon & rubber conductive outsole with non-slip tread

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