What Are Grounding Socks? Top Five Questions Answered

What Are Grounding Socks? Top Five Questions Answered

As more people seek natural remedies to improve and maintain their overall well-being, grounding has grown in popularity. 

Grounding, also known as earthing, allows you to channel the earth’s natural energy through direct bodily contact with the earth’s surface and replenish diminished electrons.

Most people are electron deficient due to urbanized lifestyles and less contact with the earth. When electrons are not replenished, inflammation sets in, which can cause health and immunity issues.  

Grounding helps restore electrons, keeping our bodies in a state of homeostasis - creating a stable, internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of all body systems. 

Scientists continue to study the benefits of earthing; it has been reported to be effective in reducing chronic inflammation, improving sleep, blood circulation, and decreasing anxiety.

Grounding is most beneficial when there is no barrier between the body and the earth’s natural surface. This allows the earth’s natural energies to move through the body unhindered. Walking barefoot in grass, soil, or sand is an easy way of connecting to the earth. 

They are among the most effective grounding methods. Sometimes, though, life or your environment makes it challenging to go barefoot. Fortunately, HARMONY783 provides the solution with its proprietary grounding footwear. 

HARMONY783 footwear allows you to stay grounded while wearing our comfortable and stylish men’s and women’s grounding shoes or by wearing our innovative grounding socks!

What Are Grounding Socks? Top Five Questions Answered?

How do grounding socks keep you grounded?

HARMONY783 thermal conductive socks are designed with 99.99% pure silver thread to enhance grounding when worn with grounding footwear or when wearing solo on grounding surfaces. Some surfaces are better for grounding than others - for example, grass, sand, soil, and unsealed tile and concrete.

An added benefit of the 99.99% pure plated silver thread -- it helps reduce odor! They also feature a special blend of fibers to keep your feet comfortable, regardless of hot or cold temperatures. 

Should you wear socks with grounding shoes?

Some shoe styles, namely loafers, ballet flats, and flip flops, do not work well with socks. Other styles like our walkers and joggers are generally more comfortable when worn with grounding socks.. 

Likewise, you can wear grounding socks by themselves if you are standing on a grounded surface. You can also wear non-grounded socks with grounding shoes. However, it’s best to wear the grounding footwear (socks and shoes) together to enhance your grounding experience. 

Will my feet sweat from the socks?

Here’s an interesting fact—the feet are one of the most conductive parts of the body. This is why walking barefoot is so beneficial. Your feet may sweat, but the perspiration makes them more conductive. 

Grounding socks also have wicking properties that pull moisture away from your feet and keep them dry; they also contain at least some silver, which reportedly minimizes odor-causing bacteria.

How long should you ground daily?

There is no set time for a grounding practice. Of course, it would be great to ground all day, every day, but that’s not possible for most of us. Usually, 20-30 minutes a day can improve our well-being tremendously. You cannot overdo it…the longer, the better. 

There is also no set routine or technique for grounding. Instead, simply touch the earth, or a natural element like a rock or tree, with little to no barrier between its surface and your body. You can also lie on your back in the grass or sand; swim in a lake, river, or ocean. Learn more about the benefits of walking barefoot and on natural surfaces. 

How long should you ground daily?

How do you wash and dry grounding socks?

Be sure to read the care instructions on your grounding socks, so you wash and dry them properly. Hand washing is always the preferred method. When machine washing, use a mild detergent and set to wash on the delicate or gentle cycle. It is a best practice to allow the socks to air dry.

Other care suggestions:

  • It is not recommended to use fabric softener when washing grounding socks. The soap can leave a waxy film on the fabric and reduce the socks’ effectiveness.
  • Lotions and oils can tarnish the silver in grounding socks. If you apply lotion or oil to your skin, it is advisable to wait at least 30 minutes (or even an hour) before putting on the socks.

Grounding socks are the perfect way to stay comfortable while practicing grounding, especially in cooler temperatures or climates, and while just relaxing around your yard or home. HARMONY783 socks are available in low-cut/ankle and no-show styles to fit many different types of shoes.