Grounding Footwear & Your Health

Grounding Footwear & Your Health

Education reigns in the world of natural health practices. Understanding the science behind grounding helps us garner awareness around the true benefits of this natural practice. Let’s take a look at why modern footwear refuses to allow one to ground.

To feel our best, we need to connect with the Earth as often as possible, which allows us to take advantage of the beneficial physiological effects of grounding. When we make direct contact with the Earth, we absorb electrons into our bodies, which helps return us to a more normalized, healthier state of well-being. The resulting benefits reported in many studies are significant and include reducing inflammation, increased circulation, less stress, and more energy.

The ground beneath our feet acts as a vast “buffer” or charge reservoir that can help balance our internal electrical systems to optimize our well-being. Footwear today is commonly manufactured with synthetic materials that prevent the flow of electrons between the wearer and the Earth.

Additionally, modern-day flooring, like sealed tile, wood, and carpet, also prevents us from accessing the ground’s natural energy resources. By creating an insulating barrier between people and the Earth, these certain flooring types have exacerbated the internal electrical imbalances that have been found to comprise our health. 

Most shoes today have soles made of synthetic materials, making them insulators, not conductors, interfering with electrons’ absorption, and cutting off any flow of the Earth’s energy to the body.

HARMONY783 footwear provides the solution to these issues. Our footwear enables a true connection with the Earth when we make direct contact with the ground—grass, sand, soil, unsealed tile/stones, and concrete. This means city sidewalks and urban lofts, too.