Searching for Grounding Shoes? Here’s What to Look For

Searching for Grounding Shoes? Here’s What to Look For

Stressed? Anxious? Feeling down or just simply looking for that extra pick me up in your day-to-day life? Grounding is the natural way to connect with nature and let the earth heal you.

This ancient practice, dating back to our early ancestors, operates under the idea that electrical charges in the earth’s surface can be absorbed into the body and work as antioxidants to benefit our well-being.  

With scientific research to back grounding as a means to improve sleep habits, wound healing, energy levels, stress and various aches and pains, among a plethora of other benefits, it can be more costly to your health to not partake in this practice.

While grounding may be as simple as going for a barefoot stroll in your yard or local park, you may find you don’t have the time.. Don’t be discouraged! Grounding footwear has been around for quite some time and can be the easiest way to incorporate grounding into your daily routine!

When researching options, you should consider how to select the best grounding footwear.

What Makes a Good Shoe?

All grounding shoes are not created equal. For starters, they should offer these three essentials:

1. Stability: You should feel secure and balanced with every step.

2. Flexibility: The shoe should “move with you” –providing a good amount of flex in the toes and sole, while still remaining stable.

3. Comfort: In addition to being functional, your shoes should be comfortable. If your shoes leave your feet hurting or feeling cramped, you’ll definitely want to consider finding a more comfortable pair.

With these basics in mind, you’ll also want to consider these additional four areas of a standard shoe:

1. Heel Counter: Necessary for reinforcement and support, the rear of your foot should feel secure – not too tight at the cup of the heel.

2. Midsole: This is a layer of material between a shoe’s inner and outer sole. It should be sturdy and absorbing to handle the shock of taking a step (or thousands of them) while remaining comfortable and flexible.

3. Insole: Often removable, the insole adds an extra layer for comfort and fit. The insole should contour your foot and provide additional shock absorption.

4. Toe Box: Finally, we have the area that covers your toes. Your toes should be able to move comfortably without confinement.  However, you do not want too much space here as this will cause excessive movement and discomfort. 


These are necessary components for making good shoes. However, when you consider the science of grounding – and the absorption of electrical charges – you’ll realize that conductivity is key!

Grounding shoes need to have conductive material built-in while still maintaining the same requirements of a basic shoe listed above. You’ll want to avoid any shoe labeled as “grounding” that does not mention conductivity or has a non-conductive rubber sole. Some shoes may be labeled “minimalist” or “barefoot,” which does not mean they are conductive or designed for earthing.

Some grounding shoes utilize a copper dot located somewhere in the sole; however, silver is more conductive, which is what HARMONY783 uses in their grounding footwear.

What Makes HARMONY783 Stand Out?

With HARMONY783’s extensive line of stylish grounding footwear, you can reap the rewards of grounding while out and about on a walk or hike. 

HARMONY783 offers an amazing selection of Joggers, Walkers, Loafers, Ballet Flats, and Flip Flops for women. For men, they offer  Walkers, Drivers and Joggers, and Flip Flops – a pair for every scenario and every occasion.

What makes HARMONY783’s shoes your best bet for improving your health? Simple! Their proprietary patent-pending Groundworks™ technology ensures science-backed design for maximum grounding while remaining comfortable and functional. You won’t just love the grounding benefits of these shoes. They’ll be your favorites because they look and feel amazing!

What’s behind the Groundworks™ technology? For example, the “Walker” style, a popular favorite, follows this construction:

  • Pure Silver Stitched Footbed for conductivity
  • Silver-stitched lasting board layer
  • 99% pure silver fabric loop to enable conductive flow
  • Bio-friendly algae-based EVA by Bloom in the midsole
  • Carbon & rubber conductive outsole with trampoline heel for a stable stride

Every shoe is tested for conductivity as they come through production. This means you get exactly what you’re paying.

Another thing to consider when spending money on new footwear is longevity – how long will each pair last? HARMONY783 footwear is designed to provide the benefits of grounding using high-quality materials and construction to last.


HARMONY783 shoes feature fully conductive carbon and rubber outsoles and are bio-mechanically engineered for optimum comfort and support, so you don’t have to leave any boxes left unchecked.

The easiest way to work grounding into your day is by investing in some grounding shoes! Even if you already have a daily walking or running regimen, you can double up on health benefits with some grounding Walkers or Joggers. 

Walking daily coupled with grounding may be the answer you’ve been looking for to simply feel good. HARMONY783 aims to provide the perfect grounding shoe for any budget and any lifestyle.