Preparing Your Body for Optimal Grounding

Man sitting in the mountains looking at the sunset

Grounding, also known as earthing, is the direct physical connection between your body and the ground. This connection allows the beneficial flow of electrons from the earth’s surface directly to and through the body. Regular grounding has been shown to proffer several notable health benefits, including reducing inflammation, regulating sleep patterns, and healing wounds faster.

Setting Yourself Up for Success: Preparing the Body for Grounding

Grounding tends to work better if the body is an optimal state for receiving the benefits. Following are a few tips for helping the body to be more efficient and receptive to the flow of electrons from the earth.

Stay Hydrated

Collagen, one of the main components in the body's connective tissue, acts as a semi-conductor that draws electrons from the ground and spreads them throughout your system. Collagen is a protein in the form of a triple helix, with each strand surrounded by a hydration cell. By keeping your body hydrated, you also keep the collagen in your body supple and more conductive.

To stay hydrated, drink plenty of water and eat foods that support balanced electrolytes. Foods that help maintain electrolyte balance include broccoli, kale, avocado, almonds, and more.

Get Enough Vitamins and Minerals

Eating a healthy diet and ensuring the right balance of vitamins and minerals in your system is essential to overall health. It also makes grounding more effective. Energy can move throughout your body more freely when your system is nourished with essential nutrients, including trace minerals.

Engage in Regular Exercise

Regular exercise benefits your brain, helps control weight, and improves cardiovascular activity. But who wants to hang out in a stinky gym? Fortunately, you can get your workout while grounding. Walking, running, and hiking are all forms of exercise you can do while remaining in contact with the earth if you’re wearing grounded shoes.


Research has demonstrated that meditation affords several significant health benefits to practitioners. Among the advantages, meditation helps prepare the body for grounding.

Meditation opens the body up to greater energy transmission, and it has been shown to increase blood flow and reduce blood pressure. With energy flowing more freely through your body, the effects of grounding can become more pronounced.

Grounding and meditation work together to increase the body's energy flow and help you feel centered and more at ease with the world around you.

Remain Grounded on Rugged Terrain with Sturdy Grounding Shoes 

Terrain conditions aren't always conducive to going barefoot, since jagged rocks, broken glass, or high heat can cause pain and injury. Typical hiking and running shoes insulate you from the earth’s beneficial electron flow.  Fortunately, there are specially designed grounding shoes that allow you to remain in contact with the earth's beneficial energy. This specially designed footwear uses a patent pending construction to allow the natural flow of earth’s energy through the shoe to your body, as if you were barefoot.  The grounding shoes utilizing this incredible technology are comfortable, attractive, and available in various styles ranging from hiking shoes to sneakers to high-top booties to flip-flops!

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