Growing Awareness on Grounding: From Netflix to Biohackers

Growing Awareness on Grounding: From Netflix to Biohackers

The practice of grounding, also known as earthing, is quickly gaining mainstream popularity, particularly among those seeking natural remedies to support their overall well-being.

Grounding is simply connecting your body to the earth’s natural energy – its electrical charge. Introducing the negative charge displaces positive charges, which are not favorable for wellness in a human body.

Grounding is known to have several health benefits and can even have an antioxidant effect, which reduces inflammation.

One of the most beneficial things about grounding is that it enables us to reconnect directly with the earth and the bounty of wellness benefits stored inside. Although it may not be as well researched as other medical and wellness practices, many scientific studies have been conducted and substantiate grounding's benefits.

Simply connecting ourselves to the earth's field is revitalizing our overall health and wellbeing. Grounding is ancient, and it’s proven. It’s a compelling concept and no surprise that it's caught today’s influencers' attention across all walks of life and via numerous media platforms.

We are on that proverbial tipping point. A growing number of notables and credentialed authorities are doing their part to spread the word about this remarkable phenomenon, shared below.

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is a renowned doctor and acclaimed author; whose extensive range of best-selling books focus on human potential and holistic healing. With most of his titles concentrating on spirituality and our connection to the divine—broadly speaking, and the Universe, it's no surprise he would take part in explaining earthing to his audience. He has recently created a YouTube channel to cover the topic.

Featured in a recent documentary, Deepak covers everything about earthing and provides real-world examples of its healing effects. The title of this film is Earthing Movie. It's free, and to date, it has over a million views and counting.

Check out the Earthing Movie on Netflix.

Darien Orien and Zac Efron

Down to Earth is a hit Netflix series where actor Zac Efron and health guru Darien Orien travel the world looking for healthy solutions to modern problems.

While Efron may be exposing a new side of himself to the world in this series, Orien, a health and wellness expert, is in his natural habitat. It's no doubt his expertise aids the show's sole focus, but one particular moment stands out.

Photo Credit - TV Guide: Netflix Down to Earth with Zac Efron

Photo Credit - TV Guide: Netflix Down to Earth with Zac Efron

After a long traverse to Paris, Orien convinces a distressed Efron to walk barefoot in the grass. He explains a lesser-known benefit of earthing, which is that it helps recalibrate our internal clocks.

This is the circadian rhythm. The duo has fun, but the instant shift on Efron's demeanor is noticeable enough to qualify as clear evidence of the benefits of grounding.

Check it out on Netflix today.

Biohacker Dave Asprey 

Another health expert and admired “wellness disruptor” as he is often introduced, Dave Asprey enthusiastically acknowledges grounding benefits. The author of the New York Times bestsellers, Game Changers, Head Strong, and The Bulletproof Diet, Dave certainly knows a thing or two about what's right for the human body.

His unbelievable body transformation of shedding 100-pounds by putting his diet into effect only solidifies this point. Only, he didn't do it by following a traditional pattern.

He broke the mold of following strict mainstream diets, displaying his understanding of what the body truly needs.

Asprey also takes part in the wellness activity of grounding. He has covered the topic numerous times on his popular Biohacking blog, where he talks about the science behind it, how to do it, and, more importantly, his experiences with it. He backs up his point by highlighting critical studies that show the real benefits of earthing.

For more, check out his blog “Does Grounding Really Work?”

Ben Greenfield 

Ben Greenfield is another well-known fitness Guru. He’s well known for being titled the NSCA's Personal Trainer of the Year in 2013 and for his New York Times Best Seller, Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health, and Life.

The former bodybuilder and Ironman Triathlete certainly understand the human body far better than most. He even hosts his podcast on his website and includes guests to discuss biohacking techniques and get more out of your body.

If you've watched the Earthing Movie, you'll immediately recognize the former cable executive and earthing pioneer who, over 20 years ago, inspired the movement, Clint Ober. Through his supported research arm, the Earthing Institute, Clint has supported more than 20 studies and wrote a bestselling book on earthing. Ober talks all about his experiences with Greenfield after the host read his book and watched the movie. Through their discussion, they dive into the positive physical and emotional impacts grounding can have on the body.

For more, listen to his podcasts on the power of earthing.

Concluding Thoughts

We're excited to see grounding, also called earthing, now being highlighted by respected leading authorities all over the world in the areas of health and wellness.

If more people know that the planet can heal our bodies by merely connecting with it, we will be in for a much brighter future. Earthing is a way to grow to understand our planet and our connection to it on a much deeper level.