Cardiologist Stephen Sinatra on How Grounding Improves Blood Viscosity

Cardiologist Stephen Sinatra on How Grounding Improves Blood Viscosity

Grounding, also known as earthing, is an ancient practice which continues to be researched and applauded for several important health benefits. It is fast gaining scientific recognition in the mainstream.

There are many advocates, doctors and researchers who have continued to study grounding as a natural and free way to replenish electrons, enabling their flow back into one’s body. This balances one’s internal system and helps contribute to a more normal state of homeostasis. Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra is one  such acclaimed physician who has studied and proven the positive impact of grounding. effects?

Who is Stephen Sinatra?

Stephen Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.N., C.N.S., C.B.T, is a renowned, board-certified cardiologist, author of 22 books and one of the grounding pioneers. He has dedicated many years to research along with others. He believes and has stated enthusiastically that grounding / earthing is “the most important health discovery ever!"

Stephen’s grounding journey began many years ago and escalated when his son, Step Sinatra, was in the hospital for 40 days back in 2007 with debilitating pain, in failing health and fast losing battles to regain his robust stature. At the recommendation from his father, Step began grounding, daily – and among several other medical and alternative protocols, he noticed life-changing results. Fast forward to 2021. Step has become one of the top recognized spokespeople in the field of grounding. He has dedicated a large part of his life to research, studies and creating awareness, just as his father did. This led to their joint venture creating,, a leading website with vast information on the amazing benefits of living a grounded lifestyle.

Dr. Sinatra has been in clinical practice for more than 40 years and has been praised for his integrative medical approach to treating even the most serious cardiovascular cases. He is a fellow of the American College of Nutrition and is critical of the “great cholesterol myth” – believing the real problem lies in the over-prescribing of statin drugs. He also created an amazing high vibrational food company, vervana (we love his tasty and very healthy offerings.)

Stephen has appeared on Dr. Oz, PBS, CNN, and a litany of other talk shows and publications.

He advocates for regular exercise, anti-inflammatory dietary patterns, supplementation, detoxification, and stress reduction.  He also believes, that through grounding, one can optimize blood viscosity.  High blood viscosity, simply stated in lay terms, can lead to an increased risk for cardiovascular issues, which can cause the heart to work harder to supply blood throughout the body. Before we can understand how grounding affects blood viscosity, we must first understand what it in fact is.

What is Blood Viscosity?

Blood viscosity is the thickness and stickiness of your blood. Think of molasses - a thick, sticky, viscous substance that does not flow easily. There is a reason it’s used in the adage “slower than molasses”. <

Imagine your blood being molasses. To push such a thick substance through your veins, your heart must work harder than it should. This can ultimately lead to serious complications, cardiac arrest, and in the worst cases, death. 

How Can Grounding Help with Blood Viscosity?

Grounding is connecting with the earth to replenish and recharge our biological systems by enabling the flow of nourishing electrons back not one’s physical body. Electron charges from the earth can have a number of positive impacts on the body.

According to Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts, by Richard E. Klabunde, Ph.D., blood plasma is water, however, it carries other substances, like proteins, electrolytes, and electrons.

Consider one of the main benefits and science behind grounding; it is the utilization of free electrons from the earth to act as antioxidants in the body. It is not farfetched to conclude that by increasing that number of blood electrons, you then increase blood flow?

This study from the National Library of Medicine, conducted over the course of 15 years, showed that patients dealing with hypertension (high blood pressure) who took to grounding showed an average decrease of 14.3% in systolic (heart contractions to pump blood) rates.

The evidence further shows that grounding decreases the work rate of your heart. It stands to reason that if the heart is not working overtime, and functioning optimally, blood viscosity is maximized via the increase in electron activity.

How You Can Implement Grounding in Your Day-to-Day

The popularity of Grounding has made it a long way into the mainstream over the last decade. Skeptics still exist, however, despite a growing body of scientific evidence.  Naysayers are often quick to deny the benefits of many things “natural” and also “free”.

Ready to try grounding for yourself? There are several ways, inside and outdoors. One of the best ways is to take your shoes and socks off and go sink your barefoot into the grass for 20-30 minutes.  Bare skin, feet especially, on the ground, is the fastest way to get grounded.

There are several other free methods as well: work with bare hands, or on bare knees, while gardening – at least for a portion of the time. Wade in the water’s edge – be it the ocean, a lake, or a pond -- any body of water and you will benefit.

When indoors, take a bubble bath and let the water trickle in though the faucet. Hold your hand over a stainless kitchen sink faucet while running water. And for those of us who like a little pampering, a pedicure is also grounding if your tootsies are bathing in an electrically powered tub.

If you feel better, regardless of what your ailment(s) might be, you can try any of the following grounding equipment on the market and optimize your overall health, wellbeing, and yes, blood viscosity, improving your heart health. There is a range of interior products you can use indoors, plugging into a grounding port. That’s the single hole underneath the two electrical prong areas in an outlet. Grounding mats are perfect for the office under a computer; Grounding pads, patches, and bands also are helpful.

And of course, there are our shoes ---HARMONY783’s. They are stylish and extremely comfortable and are grounding when walking directly on an earth’s surface (grass, sand, soil, brick unsealed tile. And yes, concrete (as counter intuitive as this seems, concert is merely reconstituted sand and water.) Our shoes, we are told, are exclusively worn by Stephen and Step Sinatra – and Steve’s wife as well. We are proud of this accomplishment.

There are also new silver threaded grounding socks which enhance Harmony783’s grounding shoes. They can be effective independently when walking on the ground. is your go-to for grounding shoes and socks, while offers grounding mats, pads, sheets, blankets, patches, and bands.

Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra, renowned in his field of cardiology since the ’70s, continues to dedicate many of his years to the research, science, and workshop facilitation to educate the medical community and masses about the benefits of grounding.  Thanks to him - and his son Step, too, more people are learning about the many health and wellness benefits of grounding, and making it a part of their daily practice.