Grey and Blue Nylon Laces

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Size: Small

Want some Harmony 783 Grey and Blue laces? These nylon laces are a fun addition for your wardrobe! 

Laces come in small, medium, & large sizes.

When determining what size you need, simply measure the length of your existing laces and order the corresponding size.

Small: Approximately 49 inches (126 cm)

Medium: Approximately 51 inches (130 cm)

Large: 52 inches (134 cm)

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The Benefits of Grounding

Pain Relief

Any pain, wound, or inflammatory response heals very differently (and much faster) when the body is electrically grounded.

Better Sleep & Mood

Grounding regulates cortisol (a stress hormone) and thus enhances sleep & reduces anxiety.

Better Blood Flow

Electrical harmony means our red blood cells have more room to circulate (less clumping), and our body can move and recover better.


Our Groundworks™ tech helps harmonize your body's charge with every step

② Pure silver-stitched footbed for conductivity
③ Silver-stitched lasting board layer
④ 99% pure silver fabric loop to enable conductive flow
⑤ Bio-friendly algae-based EVA by BLOOM in midsole.
⑥ Carbon & rubber conductive outsole with trampoline heel for a stable stride

Give the gift of grounding on the go.

Shoes with wear-all-day walkability. Trusted by healthcare heroes.