Grounding & HARMONY783 Footwear Explained

What is Grounding?

Grounding, also known as “earthing” allows us to absorb earth’s natural, beneficial and restorative energy by walking barefoot on grass, sand, soil, brick, unsealed concrete and city sidewalks – or even by touching a tree or a rock. We are all bioelectrical beings. Like a battery, we need to be re-charged to function at optimum levels. Consider the earth as one enormous battery which constantly emits a subtle electrical charge in the electromagnetic field spectrum. We can recharge by our bodies by connecting to the ground’s electric nutrition called electrons. Our bodies need electrons to function they way nature intended and to reduce the buildup of free radicals. HARMONY783 shoes are POWERED BY EARTH, allowing you to receive this energy from the ground-up via our proprietary Groundworks™ technology.

Why HARMONY783 Footwear?

HARMONY783 is an innovative grounding footwear company. Our men’s and women’s grounding collections are available in a wide variety of styles, including Walkers, Joggers, Drivers, Loafers, Ballet Fold Ups and Flip Flops, all hand-crafted using our proprietary Groundworks™ technology, created for the health and wellness minded. Look good, feel good and receive the beneficial vibes from the earth’s natural energy.

What HARMONY783 Footwear Does for Your Body

We’re all standing on a natural energy source – the Earth. When we walk bare­foot on the Earth we absorb this energy in the form of “electrons”, which enable us to GET GROUNDED. This practice is scientifically researched and reported to support our bodies and make us feel better. Most shoe soles today are insu­lating, creating a barrier to grounding, also called “Earthing”. HARMONY783s are designed to allow this flow.

How Do HARMONY783’s Actually Work?

All HARMONY783® shoes feature fully conductive carbon and rubber outsoles that are bio-mechanically engineered for comfort and support. Our patent pending proprietary Groundworks™ technology, features 99.99% pure silver components from the midsoles connecting through the insoles, which are stitched with pure silver thread. This engineering enables the flow of natural energy up into one’s body. HARMONY783 shoes enable you to get grounded when you walk on grass, sand, soil, unsealed tile and brick – even concrete city sidewalks.

How You May Feel When Wearing HARMONY783s

Upon first wearing HARMONY783 shoes some may feel a tingling under the balls of the feet. Others may feel nothing. Either way, our shoes are conductive to the earth and our Groundworks™ technology is working. As you wear them for longer periods of time, you may start to feel what others have reported: more balanced, more energized, a sense of well-being, more calm, fewer aches and pains, and happier – even all the above.

HARMONY783 Fashionable & Functional Grounding Shoe Collections

Available in versatile collections and styles, all our shoes are made with supple leathers, silky suedes or custom fabrics. Contoured memory foam arches and padded heels make HARMONY783 shoes comfortable and provide additional support. Our uniquely designed cut-away trampoline heel™ also makes HARMONY783s light to wear, while keeping your feet stable and encouraging a normal walking gait.

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