Women’s Grounding Trail Shoe Collection

Blaze new trails and beyond in our fabulous Women’s Grounding Trail Shoes!
Available in two gorgeous colors, inspired by nature: Botanical Evergreen and Pelican Stone, made from nubuck leather and eco-mesh uppers, and featuring soft jersey linings, black accents and antique metal eyelets. Experience optimum style, comfort, breathability, fit, and stability, including rugged treads for superior outsole grip & traction. Our proprietary Groundworks™ technology also features BLOOM eco-friendly, algae-based EVA midsoles and footbeds. Stay grounded and receive beneficial energy from the earth while exploring the world in these awesome trail shoes!

Included: Two Lace Colors with Each Style.


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Our Groundworks™ tech helps harmonize your body's natural charge with every step

② Pure silver-stitched footbed for conductivity
③ Silver-stitched lasting board layer
④ 99% pure silver fabric loop to enable conductive flow
⑤ Bio-friendly algae-based EVA by BLOOM in midsole.
⑥ Carbon & rubber conductive outsole

Comfy grounding footwear for the health and style-conscious.