Keep Your Feet Happy and Your Heart Healthy - Gearadical Features Harmony783 Shoes

Keep Your Feet Happy and Your Heart Healthy - Gearadical Features Harmony783 Shoes

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I admit I’m a skeptic when it comes to “energy-based sciences”. I openly tease my wife about kinesiology and chiropractic testing. However, that doesn’t stop me from visiting her amazing chiropractor when I have a neck issue. He definitely fixed some serious problems for me within minutes of my recent visit. 

When it comes to “grounding” based sciences, you won’t hear me celebrating life change, because I just find it hard to believe. Again, this doesn’t mean I’m right, it just means I’m a tad skeptical until I have a better understanding of it. I can’t deny research shows grounding helps some people with fatigue, pain, anxiety, sleep, and even cardiovascular issues. Please note that many sites say more research needs to be done. 

Harmony783 firmly believes in grounding and offers some great products to its customers. Grounding or “earthing” is the idea that we absorb the earth’s energy from its electromagnetic field when we walk either barefoot or with footwear that can absorb it more readily. Spoiler alert – your regular sneakers are insulated, and therefore do not allow for the potential benefits of grounding. I tested a pair of their grounding shoes and am pleasantly surprised with my experience. 


It takes me a long time to find shoes that I actually feel I look good in. This was not the case with these navy suede joggers. I assumed I would receive the shoes and have to review them objectively as best I could, even if I didn’t like how they looked on me. Thankfully, I absolutely love how they look, and they are true to size. Harmony offers a large variety of styles for both men and women including walkers, joggers, drivers (loafer style), and even flip-flops. I’m a big fan of the joggers, but I wish they offered additional color options for variety. 

The navy suede joggers are great though, and I feel comfortable wearing them around the house, and they are stylish enough to wear with some business casual attire. And, I plan to wear them with jeans to church. I’ve even received a few compliments from individuals asking where I got my shoes. This always makes for a good conversation around grounding. 


I consider myself a bit of a comfort snob (My wife hates shopping with me because I rarely settle). Clothes absolutely must be the right material or I literally cannot handle wearing them. Bear in mind I have very little fashion sense and am most comfortable in jeans and a hoodie. Tri-blend shirts are the only way to go for me. Basically, I’m a sucker for anything soft and flexible in my clothing tastes, and shoes need to feel and fit just right as well. There is no middle ground here. 

The Harmony shoes fit my feet perfectly the first time I wore them. There was no concern around how tight they were, and I didn’t have to worry if they would stretch out over time to fit better. They just fit. The shoe fits around my whole foot comfortably. I can’t tell you how much of a relief this is. Many shoes I try on tend to fit really well in one spot but feel loose in another (usually the heel for me). It seems a bit odd to say, but this pair of Harmony Joggers fit – well – like a glove. Spot on. I’ve rarely had this happen without trying on an army of different shoes in a store. If I’m being completely honest, I’m a bit shocked at how perfectly they fit – particularly when I received them without any chance to try them on first. I hope this is the case for everyone who purchases from Harmony783.

Whether I’m walking, running, or lounging, these shoes feel great. 


Okay, here we go. Harmony783 claims that some users will actually feel a “tingling” in their feet while wearing these shoes. As a skeptic, I hate to admit it. I do feel like I feel a slight buzz in my feet while wearing these shoes in certain locations. Maybe it’s in my head – infiltrated by the placebo effect – or maybe I feel it. I think I feel it. 

Did my energy levels change? Maybe. There are far too many factors to consider here. I recently started hitting the gym again, and I still love caffeine throughout my day. Nonetheless, regardless of whether I feel it or not, these shoes are comfortable, stylish, and no other shoe I have worn is designed with energy-level-enhancement in mind. This makes for a fun new pair of shoes to keep in my growing repertoire. 

Whether you are into grounding or not, Harmony783 shoes (at least the joggers) offer great comfort, durability, and style. You will find a decent variety of shoes ranging from about one hundred to two-hundred bucks (flip-flops around forty dollars). If you are looking for a different kind of shoe that offers a bit more than your typical pair of sneakers, try out a pair for yourself.

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