Dallas Voice Features HARMONY783 Grounding Shoes to Improve Fitness Journey

Dallas Voice Features HARMONY783 Grounding Shoes to Improve Fitness Journey

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Originally published: Dallas Voice

A few products to make your fitness journey easier

The key to success with any project is having the right tools for the job. When the project is yourself and your health and wellness, having the right tools is even more important. That’s why for our 2021 Wellness Issue, we’ve put together this list of fitness “tools” to help you reach your fitness goals.

  Tammye Nash

Let’s start with shoes, because if your feet hurt, everything hurts. There are all kinds of athletic shoes created for all kinds of different activities — running shoes, basketball shoes, hiking shoes, cross-trainers. But there’s a new trend in athletic footwear that encourages getting back to basics. These two brands are designed to help you do just that.

KINIS Barefoot is a minimalist footwear company focused on helping you move in natural and healthy ways, offering two types of footwear designed with a barefoot concept in mind. KINIS creates a sock-and-shoe hybrid promoting the foot’s natural biomechanics — no arch support, zero drop and an ultra-thin outsole in a natural “foot-shaped” design to promote foot health. Check out the flexible, durable and machine washable Nomad style, the ultra-minimalist Lucy style or the biomechanically efficient Apollo Pro training shoes. Kinis.com

With HARMONY783 shoes, the idea is to get as close to barefoot as possible to take advantage of the concept of “grounding” or “earthing,” based on scientific research studies showing that direct connection with the earth’s surfaces can have major positive effects on our well-being reduction of inflammation, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, relief from pain and more. HARMONY783 focuses on creating stylish shoes engineered to facilitate the constant transfer of revitalizing electrons into our bodies through the simple act of walking. Walkers, joggers, loafers, flip-flops — Harmony783 has them all. Harmony783.com.


Every athlete — from the pros to the weekend warriors — twists an ankle or pulls a muscle or something at some point. And if you, like me, are getting a little older, you might be finding out that you don’t have to be an athlete or even doing something even remotely strenuous to twist that ankle or pull that muscle. And there are all kinds of wraps and sleeves and supports available to help when that happens or to help keep it from happening. But Incrediwear’s wearable anti-inflammatory garments offer more than just support; they help you heal.

Incrediwear offers everything from sleeves for arms, legs, knees, elbows, even body sleeves to fit around your abdomen, as well as braces for hips and backs. They also have shorts, socks, gloves, performance pants and more, all infused with the circulation- enhancing semiconductor elements germanium and carbon, elements activated by your own body heat to help increase blood flow, thus delivering more oxygen to the affected area and promoting faster healing while reducing inflammation. Incrediwear.com.


There are supplements galore on the market for every use imaginable. You wanna lose weight or gain muscle? There are supplements for that. Supplements to give you energy, to help you relax, to help you recover — whatever your need, whatever your goal there’s a supplement to help.

The folks at Three Hermits want to make your supplement game simple. They use time-tested ingredients to create just three different plant-based natural supplements that fit seamlessly into a modern lifestyle. Cinnamon+Finugreek helps stabilize blood sugar and aids with weight management. Moringa+Ashwagandha supports overall vitality while decreasing inflammation and stress. And Turmeric+Nirgundi aids in muscle recovery and helps support an active lifestyle. Choose one or mix and match. ThreeHermits.com


The very foundation of overall wellness is a good night’s sleep. Sure, there are all kinds of sleep aids available, but some of us can’t rely on a “sleeping pill” because, well, we can’t afford those middle-of-the-night shopping sprees some sleep aids sometimes spur. I personally don’t use “sleep aid” pills because I have a low tolerance and have a hard time waking up the next morning. I can’t take half a benedryl without needing to sleep for at least two days! Here are a couple of products to help you sleep without those side effects.

Embr Wave wellness bracelet is the first intelligent wearable that lets you control how you feel temperature. Can’t sleep because you are too hot or too cold? Embr Wave gives you a personal thermostat you wear on your wrist that lets you change that at the push of a button — just by cooling or warming the temperature-sensitive skin on the inside of your wrist. And that helps you feel more comfortable so that you can fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. EmbrLabs.com.

Some folks — and again, I mean me — always run a window unit or a ceiling fan in the bedroom, not just to keep the room cool but to also provide that background of “white noise” to help them sleep. A lot of people also like to listen to music to help them sleep, but what if your partner prefers the quiet or maybe a different kind of music to sleep by?

SleepPhones has the answer. Designed and manufactured by AcousticSheep LLC, SleepPhones have ultra-flat bluetooth speakers encased in a patented headband made of comfortable, environmentally friendly SheepCloud fabric. That way you get the comfort of music without the bothersome bulk of traditional headphones and without worrying about losing an earbud. What’s that you say? Sounds like a great idea for running, too?

Check out the RunPhones, too. SleepPhones.com.