FSHN Magazine Features HARMONY783 Footwear: Grounded Life by the Shoes You Wear

FSHN Magazine Features HARMONY783 Footwear: Grounded Life by the Shoes You Wear

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Originally published: FSHN Magazine

What an amazing way is to walk through life grounded by the shoes on your feet.

That is was inspired by the creation of the Harmony 783 shoe line from flip flops to sneakers and city styled shoes.

I have decided to take a trial of wearing them for the last couple of month and feel if there was any difference in my energy or my emotions.

Well, now I can tell you from personal experience how real the grounding is by the shoes that connected me with the earth in the forest area without getting a pine needle in my skin.

The feeling was one of peace and happiness that came from feeling both feet on the ground stable and firm, ready for the challenge.

What a wonderful way to feel inside.


What first concerned me was the firm shape of the shoes and I expected them to be uncomfortable or hard on the feet. This is why o took a sweet time trying them to see what happens to the mould and shape around my feet.

Well, the shape is maintained and comfort has come from the inner part to mould on my skin effortlessly.

I am truly impressed with the iBio way the footwear is created from.

They took what matters to our physical body and emotional self that energy affects and combined it into a tool of wellbeing.

This is how it all began.

HARMONY783 was inspired by a series of synchronistic events, among them, re-discoveries, by many highly regarded researchers and pioneers in the field of grounding. The first serendipitous encounter was leading to the creation of this new venture happened when Pam Bard visited a booth at a healthy ageing conference in Las Vegas selling grounding footwear, called pluggz, created by Sharon Whiteley, which was sold in 2017. This event was the same conference where Sharon first learned about grounding a decade earlier, from Dr Stephen Sinatra. A friendship between Pam and Sharon developed over the next year and they became enthusiastic about partnering on an expanded line of grounding footwear to also include more athletic styles. Their respective passion for grounding led them to co-found and create a new enterprise called HARMONY783 twelve months later.

Many pioneers set out to create a movement 20 years ago and they were inspirational to us. A great deal of their focus however is about going barefoot. Bare skin, or of any body part touching the earth, is certainly a direct connection, however, this is not practical as a way of life in modern times. HARMONY783 shoes enable us to have this same feeling – and receive all the benefits – while walking outside when making direct contact with the ground.

Please visit and wear the Harmony783.com https://Harmony783.com

or call 800-975-2383