Sharing the World of Grounding: A Community Standing Strong

Sharing the World of Grounding: A Community Standing Strong

People are the heart of any community and the key to its success. The world of grounding is no exception. We are a tight-knit, supportive group and are fortunate to have the contributions of some amazing collaborators.

There is no greater feeling than knowing others in our circle are celebrating our success right along with us.

Although grounding has been around for centuries, the scientific community has given it more attention over the past decade. As these experts and medical professionals continue to discover and document more correlation between nature and wellness, grounding is getting its long-overdue credit as a holistic form of healing, or at least improving a long list of conditions, as well as ailments. HARMONY783 is just one part of the small but mighty grounding community.

We would not be where we are today without the constant encouragement and support of some remarkable advocates. We’d like to take this opportunity to give a few heartfelt shout-outs to the on-going champions helping to make grounding a mainstream practice.

Stephen Senarta and Son

Step Sinatra and Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Step Sinatra, founder and Chief Grounding Officer at is a HARMONY783 grounding footwear enthusiast. Grounding is a family affair for Sinatra—he is the son of longtime grounding pioneer, one of America’s top integrative Cardiologists, and author Dr. Stephen Sinatra.  \

He also wrote the forward to BAREFOOT WISDOM: Better Health through GROUNDING, co-authored by HARMONY783’s co-founder Sharon Whiteley.

We love how Step explores the connection between nature and wellness in new and exciting ways through his creation of community, coherence, and connection.

According to his bio on, Sinatra started grounding in 2007 after a 40-day hospital stay left him in extreme pain and unable to sleep. At the suggestion of his father, Sinatra tried grounding and found tremendous relief from his pain. He now practices faithfully every day.

Big thanks go out to the Sinatra’s for their continued support, sharing the power of grounding with their community, and for featuring HARMONY783 shoes on!

Dr. Laura Koniver

Dr. Laura Koniver

Grounding advocate, educator, author, and friend to HARMONY783, Dr. Laura Koniver has been in the grounding arena and highly respected for her contributions for many years. We appreciate her enthusiasm and sharing our new grounding shoes on her blog, Intuition Physician, and YouTube videos.

Koniver shifted gears from practicing conventional medicine to intuitive medicine after she started her family. She has now blended her love of family, healing, and art into an intuitive medical practice. Her unique artwork about earthing and grounding has been featured on albums, DVD covers, and theatrical backdrops. 

A teacher of online courses, Koniver is the author of many books, including her latest, The Earth Prescription. She also facilitates a grounding book club. She invites readers and those curious about grounding to check out her book club, available through hiitide

Her book club contains four weeks of daily content, which hiitide sends to members, including a Q&A with Dr. Koniver. The next 4-week session starts April 1 and runs until April 28 (including Earth Day on April 22).

We want to thank Dr. Koniver and her team for sharing HARMONY783 footwear with her fans and followers!

And, of course, we couldn’t do it without the entire HARMONY783 community—customers, team, and influencers. Whether you’re sharing posts about our products, leaving fantastic reviews on social media, or just telling others about our footwear through word-of-mouth, we thank you with all our heart!