Earthing Shoes for Men & Women: The Functional Footwear Approach

Harmony 783 Luxe Grounding Shoes, Trail Shoes, For Men and Women

As the mornings get cooler, the air gets crisper, and the days get shorter, you may find yourself packing away your favorite summer clothes and digging out those sweaters, coats, and base layers.

Before that, however, you maybe layering flannels and Henleys, cardigans and t-shirts, and perhaps even the occasional hoodie.

But what about footwear?

Regarding apparel and accessories, the name of the game these days is “Functional Fashion.”

From the red carpet to your favorite restaurant, you may have noticed it’s not just about looking good. The pair of shoes that ties your ensemble together do not only need to look good; your shoes need to be comfortable, and keep up.

People love to be stylish. Now more than ever, people are choosing function over fashion. But who would want to compromise when you can have both?

Look no further than HARMONY783. Our men’s and women’s styles are sure to fit any occasion.

They are biomechanically designed to provide support and comfort, and they are technically engineered to keep you in sync with the earth’s good vibes so you can practice your daily grounding while wearing them outdoors.

With numerous casual and dress styles, you can a pair for any setting--work, play and a night on the town, all while promoting human sustainability, health and wellness.

Here’s a quick look at what the media and journalists are saying about our line of grounding footwear:

A Few Reviews of Awesome Shoes

Kimberly of Get Green Be Well tried out our Women’s White Leather Walker. In the review, she says, “The shoes are really well made with sturdy materials and look cute, too!” and further mentions they “are quite comfortable.”

Comfort, fashion, and grounding all in one shoe? Absolutely. 

On the subject of functionality, Kimberly says, “I do try to go outside and ground when I can, but like most people that doesn’t happen a lot. So, I really enjoy that I can go about my day, wearing cute shoes, and potentially get extra benefits by Earthing.” We couldn’t have said it any better, Kimberly!

The Women’s Joggers can be worn, as their namesake implies, when going out for a jog or walk, meeting friends for coffee, office casual Friday’s or pretty much anywhere else you can think of. It’s a versatile shoe that will turn heads and keep you grounded.

For the Guys?

Reader’s Digest included our Men’s Brown Leather Driver in this year’s Father’s Day gift guide. One reviewer raved about them, saying, “I wore the drivers right out of the box to work. I do a lot of walking and I was not fatigued at all! I even got a compliment from a coworker. These shoes have now become my favorite!”

Reader’s digest also mentions some of the features our customers enjoy: “…fans of the soft, full-grain leather and cushy padded memory foam in these dress-casual slip-ons rave about the incredible comfort, great fit, and high-quality.”

The Men’s Brown Leather Driver is great for the office but can even be worn for formal occasions or just around the house. There’s no shortage of uses for this multi-functional shoe from our men’s line.

And, as with all of our footwear, you’re staying grounded along the way with our Powered by Earth proprietary Groundworks™ Technology.

Fashion, Function, and Health

All of our shoes allow you to practice grounding and reap the benefits of those earthly electrons. When you incorporate that with the benefits of walking daily, or a light jog, it’s easy to see the versatility. When you add in the versatility of styles? You can, quite literally, take grounding everywhere you go.

Our women’s lineup contains Walkers, Joggers, Ballets, Loafers, and even Flip-Flops. These styles all come in a variety of colors and patterns (even vegan styles), guaranteeing you’ll not only complete your look but have stylish options in doing so.

The men’s lineup features Walkers, Drivers, Joggers, and Flip-Flops. These looks can range from the distinguished gentlemen to casual Friday attire and even beach-bum (and everything in between).

What sets our collections apart is the Groundworks technology. Our shoes have conductive rubber outsoles and pure silver within the layers and silver thread stitched in the footbeds allowing conductivity and the ability to absorb electrons into your body when standing, walking, or jogging on grounding surfaces.

So, while your fashion sense may be the envy of your coworkers and friends, what’s truly enviable is the benefits you’re getting from our stylish grounding shoes.

As evidenced by this study from the National Institutes of Health, there are many science-backed benefits of grounding. For example, the study shows improvement in quality of sleep and a reduction in cases of insomnia, hypertension and even asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and sleep apnea.

The benefits don’t stop there. The findings of the study above show reductions in chronic stress and cortisol – the stress hormone. As a bonus, lower cortisol levels are also linked to lower body fat percentages.

The list goes on and on, but to summarize, you have nothing to lose by grounding - and everything to gain.

Now, when you consider all the health benefits along with the array of styles and applications, your favorite HARMONY783 grounding shoes check every box.

When you feel good, everything else in life seems a little more manageable. Success looks a little more attainable, and happiness seems a little more accessible.

When you look good, you leave an impression. You feel confident and comfortable – you shine. So, what’s stopping you from tying together function, fashion, and health this fall season? 

Add some grounding shoes to your wardrobe and transcend old tropes of “fashion.” The future of functional footwear is here.