Our Path to Sustainability

At the heart and soul of our company is our commitment to Human Sustainability, through grounding.

Tapping into energy from the earth as nature intended, we invite a healthy dose of life-giving benefits that are freely abundant.

While grounding isn’t a new invention by any stretch of the imagination, our HARMONY783 footwear is – connecting us to earth the way we were meant to be. Our shoes don’t simply look and feel good, they do the body good!

And while we stand firmly behind the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mindset of our fellow, caring environmentalists, we’re adding our own sustainability ideals: Restore, Recharge, & Revitalize with every step you take.

We always strive to reduce our carbon footprint from the outset by making environmentally responsible choices. From manufacturing to marketing, even down to the tape we use to ship.  We craft our shoes with mindfully sourced materials and limit our use of pollution-causing synthetic materials wherever we can. We use recyclable self-shipper boxes and bio-friendly packaging to reduce waste and save energy. And we are excited to incorporate a new green, algae-based material in the midsoles of our shoes, using BLOOM’s rise technology.

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