Celebrity Profile – Gwyneth Paltrow’s Love for Grounding

As grounding gains traction in the mainstream, you may see more stars and starlets, athletes, musicians, CEOs, and high-profile individuals who have not only taken up the practice but swear by it.

Gwyneth Paltrow lit up the silver screen in the ‘90s and early 2000s. Her performance in the dark crime-thriller Se7en in 1995 and subsequent multi-award-winning role in 1998’s Shakespeare in Love, elevated her as a celebrity in Hollywood. 

After marrying Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin in 2003 and starting her family the following year, she gave less focus to acting in lead film roles and later shifted her interest to other endeavors.

In 2008 she founded the health and lifestyle brand, Goop, a beauty and wellness company that embraces holistic health and alternative practices. One such practice that Paltrow swears by? Grounding.

Grounded Gwyneth

According to this CNBC article, Paltrow said the following on a 2017 episode of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live:

“They say that we’ve lost touch with sort of being barefoot in the earth and that there’s some type of electromagnetic thing that we’re missing.”

What she is referring to is grounding, also known as earthing. The science behind grounding is essentially this: there are natural electric charges hidden in the Earth’s surface, and within are electrons, which are beneficial for our health and wellbeing. 

These invisible charges can be absorbed into the body by direct physical contact and act in a manner reminiscent of antioxidants and fight “free radicals” within the body, creating a more stable and effective environment within the body, promoting positive changes in many physiological aspects.

Paltrow swears by her daily walks, which has surely helped her pave the path for the prolific nature of her professional and personal life.

She continues to act (albeit, in a much smaller capacity), she is the Founder of a company, and she models, all while continuing to fan a creative fire and being a dedicated mother and wife. That’s a lot for any person to balance, and she accredits her continued success and motivation to healthy practices, including grounding.

Paltrow told the New York Times in 2019, “the true tenets of wellness are all free” when asked to address complaints about the high prices of Goop products. 

She’s not wrong. Grounding is as simple as a barefoot walk in your yard or garden or local park, or as easy as putting on your favorite HARMONY783 grounding shoes and going about your day, wherever it may take you.

Influencing Health with Grounding

In this modern era of digitization and instantaneous access to pretty much everything, the term “influencer” has become a normal moniker. With millions of followers on any social media platform, a person can indeed influence the masses to adopt a practice, an idea, or a belief. 

Paltrow influences her vast audience to be healthier and more mindful. When she isn’t posting her rescue dog, travels, or favorite meals, she uses her platform to promote her business. 

But, more so than that, she promotes health – in any way that’s available to you, including walking barefoot in the grass to get grounded. 

She seems to understand that not everyone has the means to afford Goop products, Yet, she reminds us that at its core, taking care of yourself or “self-care” is free, connecting with Earth is free, and reaping those benefits is also free.

There’s something very liberating and unifying in using the Earth and nature as a conduit for health, creativity, longevity, and togetherness. So go for an earthing stroll with your best friend(s) or your significant other and see how much better you feel about being a part of this life and beautiful planet. 

Regardless of what your stance may be on some of Goop’s more controversial products, it’s difficult not to feel inspired by her steadfast dedication to promoting wellness.

Hollywood Effect

Hollywood has some fairly “outside of the box thinkers.” It may be easier for some to write off things an A-list movie star might recommend, assuming they are disconnected from the average person, but   Paltrow seems to be very down-to-earth and relatable.

Clint Ober, the pioneer or “Godfather” of earthing used to be an everyday guy, working for the television industry for nearly 30 years, in the cable TV industry. He specialized in the proper grounding of cable installation.

Having seen grounding in real time, he revelated in his travels of seeing people in plastic and rubber sole shoes and considered there must be some correlation between the lack of natural grounding and its impact on “us.”

After founding EarthFX, an R&D company focused on grounding, Ober was featured in this Q&A segment on Goop’s blog. In the interview, he mentions meeting Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a well-known Cardiologist and heart-health doctor who is a huge proponent of grounding.

Ober and Sinatra worked together, discovering and researching the many positive impacts of grounding on many aspects of human health, such as sleep quality, inflammation and chronic pain, blood viscosity and healing, and impact on energy levels and overall feelings of wellbeing.

With a touted doctor in your corner and research studies to validate the science behind grounding and the effects on human physiology, it’s kind of hard to write off Paltrow’s grounding love as Hollywood nonsense. She also has medical backing, and by all accounts, it’s done wonders for her.

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